Monday 10 April 2006

Talk about anti-reservation!

Anantha is one rabid anti-Mandal politics guy!

As of now, I wish everybody in the Government would just drop dead of unknown causes. Actually, I'd settle for known causes as well. Just so they drop dead.



Anonymous said...

i believe that the government should look for a system where the really talented people get the benefits of reservation and at the same time deserving candidates from the upper castes are not denied seats just because they come from higher class families

Meena Venkataraman said...

I agree to the above observation.
The problem with the prsent system of reservation is , its only the creamy class who have technically fallen into the OBC category who have benefitted from it. Especially in a state like TN, where the percentages are as high as 67% the reality is a chilling reminder of how brutal the present system can be. The bottom line is, A doctor needs to be a doctor. so by diluting merit in favor of the vote bank , we are eventually going to see a shortage of good doctors who can cater to our country's spiralling health care needs. A serious rethink of the present policy is the need of the hour.