Sunday 27 November 2005

Scratch the surface

I just discovered George Ouzounian/Maddox's page today (Hat tip: Jayakanthan) Figured if anybody got moms against him, he must be a pretty decent chap. Of course, the fact that he hates Websense endears him to me :-D

Excellent thoughts on racism, and its true definition.

Why whine about 'losing out on jobs', Yankee doodles? Your country is the pioneer of capitalism, and free market economy, and all that. Suck it up.


You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

Saturday 26 November 2005

Oh goodie

Slashdot finally has a news item posted that, for a change, does NOT bash India/Indians. This particular comment appeared to me to be quite uncalled for, though.
Is there some value that I'm missing in this? Why does any care that some rich guy made a balloon to take him up 60K ft? Is there some practical application that he is trying to improve this technology for? Or, is he just trying to pump his own ego?

Why does this get reported everywhere / anywhere?

Friday 25 November 2005

Of controversies and verbal diarrhoea

Just got back in touch with the civilized news-channel watching world tonight. I managed to catch NDTV Turning Point, where I find out India's lost by ten wickets. I've never seen Navjot Singh Sidhu spew so much vitriol before. Blustery yes, but never ever have I seen him so angry.

I really wish I'd seen the match. I want to know if Rahul Dravid and Greg Chappell were indeed booed off the field. If they were, then I suppose one might be forgiven for concluding that the Eden Gardens curator was "out to get them".

The Eden Gardens crowd hasn't shown itself in the best light over the last ten years :/

As an aside: I'd have like to seen Greg Chappell giving the finger to the crowd.

As another aside: I feel sorry for the anchor chap on Turning Point who has to put up with Sherry's bluster. Wouldn't want to be him...

Thursday 24 November 2005


Amit points out a blog post, written by a female, no less, that gives hope to all us non-slim people of the world! *bows to Amit in eternal gratitude*

I would've commented on that post itself, but can't email from office :-/

Once again, hurray!

Tuesday 22 November 2005

This is a test post

to see if anally-retentive policies against blogs just depend upon the name of the site, or the service itself.

Oh, and it feels like AMI all over again, what with higher-ups fearing your deserting the company..

Monday 21 November 2005

Good call, Gaurav, but...

Gaurav Sabnis wrote a while back about DD cleaning up its act. Well almost.

While deciding to accept that overs in cricket consist of 6 legitimate deliveries is a step in the right direction, I still have a bone to pick with DD about they way they instantly cut to the ads after the last ball of an over has been bowled, in the process unceremoniously cutting off the commentator mid-sentence. [Whether Ranjith "never-disagree-with-fellow-commentator" Fernando or Ravi "left-the-bat-like-a-tracer-bullet" Shastri actually have anything of value to say is immaterial..]

However, what REALLY gets my goat is "Fourth Umpire". When I reached that point in Gaurav's post where he talks about that generally pointless exercise [haven't seen Anjum Chopra in action yet, but (sadly enough) my namesake Srikkanth and Wassan do say the same things over and over again], and noticed that he was picking on the opening sequence, I read on with bated breath to see if he would pick up the GLARING error in it. He did not :-(

A game of cricket already has 4 [FOUR] umpires. Charu "I-wish-I-had-Mandira-back" Sharma is not the 4th. The 4th umpire is the poor guy who trots out some time shortly after the 37th holding a box of balls [cricketing ones] in his hand and stands timidly to one side while the on-field umpires and batsmen and captain of the fielding team pull out their hair [from their heads] over which ball [again, cricket] to use as a suitable replacement for the one that's gone all green [not blue]. If only he'd added this little bit, Gaurav "insert-random-behavioural-statement-here" Sabnis' post would have been complete.

Incidentally, I was also going to comment on the umpire being Billy, and not Brent Bowden, but common sense prevailed and I Googled a bit to see that he is indeed Brent "Billy" [Fraser] Bowden. So much for deliberate nitpicking :-/