Wednesday 14 July 2004

MSN bug

Interesting bug in Hotmail.

Apparently, you can't keep your last name as part of your password. Which is fine, except, I've set my last name in the profile thingy to just 'N'.

Which now implies that I can't have any password with the letter 'n' in it. Actually, not just an implication, I've actually tried, and it wouldn't accept.

"Your last name cannot be a part of your password."

[or something to that effect]

Now is that a good thing, or bad?

Personally, I think the 'poor password' culture is way overrated..

Sunday 4 July 2004

The Don is dead

Any movie watcher will agree that the small byline in yesterday's The Hindu that announced the death of Marlon Brando was more startling than any of the headlines.

His portrayal of Don Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather' has to be my all-time favourite movie role. He was truly able to bring out the richness of Mario Puzo's character, and even add some facets of his own.

Don Corleone. Life is so beautiful.

Thursday 1 July 2004

Now then, ya'll outside the country...

Finally. After a harrowing last 5 days, I've managed to get myself registered for the GRE. And managed to do it within a good time ('nalla neram') too! Even after the absolute ASS of a Tata Indicom cybercafe's porn-filter wouldn't let me open the Prometric website. In spite of repeated entreaties that it refers to a perfectly non-porn website. Thanks to Satyam iWays though! Woohoo!

Oh ya, and I've also applied for a cable internet connection at home, so who knows? One day I might be updating more frequently!

p.s; Arch! Thanks a million!