Monday 10 April 2006

The mind boggles

at the levels to which people can stoop while mudslinging. Take this comment from Abi's blog post about reservation in IITs, and read the last paragraph, which justifies the following allegation from this page:
" dirty looks from caste-hindu students for the 'lower cut-off mark"
by saying:
...since the article in question is a rare one of its kind, articulating a Dalit perspective on the problem, one must pause to consider whether indeed the allegation is true. I am sure that such attitudes are fairly common in a large number of engineering institutions across the country, so I am not sure why the IITs should be such an exception...
One may argue about the merits of the concerned article or otherwise, but here is perhaps a case for some introspection by all of us.
I was, obviously, incensed, and responded accordingly. In case the comment is taken down (I don't believe it will - I respect Abi tremendously), I reproduce it here in full:
Why must one pause to consider this kind of thing at all? Is it because a Dalit is levelling the accusation? And what makes you sure that such attitudes are common, leave alone a large number, but in even a single engineering college?

I do not know how old you are, but I'm guessing definitely three generations at least. Caste has never been an issue in college. Once in the college, students do not care. I repeat, STUDENTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CASTE OF THEIR PEERS. Unless they want to embark on a relationship with one (or more) of them, but that's a separate discussion. But seriously, NOBODY CARES if their classmate got in on pure merit alone, or reservation.

Maharashtra engg. colleges have 1/3rd reservation for women. Would anyone ever give dirty looks to a female for getting in using the reservation entry?

I am not flaming - just asking you to justify your stance that such an occurrence is commonplace.

But, seriously, when students are left among themselves - NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE CASTE.

If there has been any incident of an upper-caste student "giving dirty looks" to a Dalit student, it was most likely because of some personal issue - NOT BECAUSE OF THE CASTE. STUDENTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT CASTE.

Just like you were "sure that such attitudes are fairly common", I am also sure that whoever made that statement on the site is either:

a) Making it up
b) Lying
c) Fabricating
d) Misinterpreting an offhand glance
e) Lying

I just read that article, and it is so blatantly flamebait, and basically full of unsubstantiated allegations, Abi, that I'm surprised you even link to it.
Once again, the article linked to, is this. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

UPA govt. is planning to pass a bill introducing 50% quota for reservation in all Central Universities,including IITs\IIMs. Next there will be reservation in Private companies also. UPA govt. has already proposed that. So it is imperative that we protest strongly against the reservation in Central Universities (including IITs\IIMs) and see to it that this bill is not passed. If we succeed we would have done a great thing to ourselves, our kids and our nation.
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Abi said...


Prof. Jayaraman has responded to your comment. Do please take a look.

As for me, it just gives me a lot of hope that students are able to think beyond things such as caste and reservation, and are able to get on with life. That's the way it should be, and I hope that's the way it will become -- some day, for everyone.