Thursday 30 July 2009

Sudden outbreak of common sense?

Well, almost. So while the Delhi HC giving the finger to a couple of PILs against 'Sach Ka Saamna' (the desi 'Moment of Truth' - like the 3 readers of this blog (including me) needed any explanation) is a step in the right direction towards slapping down the morality crusaders, the judgement also set up this neat, lubricated-for-your-benefit-with-the-best-WD40-money-can-buy slippery slope:
"You are asking us to entertain an area which deals with perceptions and opinions. Further, morality yardsticks are to be decided by the government. We cannot decide the issue," the judges told the counsel for petitioners...

Yay. Such joy fills the heart. What could possibly go wrong?!

Edit: Bombay HC nixes a "think of the children during dahi handi" PIL, but says the government can frame guidelines. (HT: @aadisht) Retard PILs? Check. Courts saying the government can pretty much do what it wants? Check. WTF is going on?

Tuesday 28 July 2009

Cricinfo FAIL

Edit: A little clarity for the ???? crowd - where is the 'smiling Ricky Ponting'?

TOIlet paper living up to its name

Taken from here:

The text in the article reads (reproduced verbatim):
HYDERABAD: A 15-year-old girl chained by her father for not obeying him, was rescued by Longerhouse police in the city here.

"We have rescued the girl and her father Akbar was taken into custody," Nagender, Sub-Inspector of Police of Longerhouse police station, who is probing the case said on Tuesday.

Angered for not heeding his warnings Akbar, an illeterate, had chained her daughter of his second wife Unissa Begum to a table for the last 10 days in their house in order to control her movement, he said adding that Akbar had warned her daughter not to go outside without informing him.

Though Unissa Begum pleaded about the inhuman treatment of Akbar, he did not freed the girl.

The police swung into action after Unissa Begum lodged a complaint at Langerhouse, the SI said.

Amidst the so many things wrong with the above, lies nestled the delicious irony in the mis-spelling of 'illiterate' :-)

Monday 13 July 2009

Open letter to motorists

Dear motorists,

Turn indicators and hand-signals are used for signalling intent to go this way or that. They are NOT meant to advertise action currently being undertaken. I can see (and crash into) what you are doing at this instant. Please to be indicating at least 3 seconds in advance.