Thursday 6 April 2006

May the force be with you

Recently, Vivek and I were doing what software engineers usually do - chatting on the intranet IM service.

Now, Vivek signs off each email of his with "May the Force be with you", so we were discussing how one would use this to wish someone other than Luke Skywalker good luck.

And this is what we came up with. Some of these may not be too correct, but hey, that's the best we could do..
  1. Stockbroker - May the bourse be with you
  2. Golfer - May the course be with you
  3. Richard Stallman - May the source be with you
  4. Boatman - May the oars be with you
  5. Obelix - May the boars be with you
  6. Soldier/sailor returning from a long hard time looking for a good night out - May the whores be with you
  7. Congenitally seasick landlubber - May the shores be with you
  8. Viking lover - May the Norse be with you
  9. Lion recovering from sore throat - May the roars be with you
  10. Personal lawyer - May divorce be with you
  11. Banker - May endorse be with you
  12. Sponge - May the pores be with you
  13. Quadruped - May all fours be with you
  14. Marvin the Paranoid Android - May the bores be with you
  15. Telegraph operator - May the Morse be with you
  16. Mallu guy stranded in the desert looking for a way to escape - May the horse be with you
  17. Big B/Sachin - May the crores be with you
  18. Terminally lazy person - May the snores be with you
  19. Housemaid - May clean floors be with you (aside: a housemaid's hesitant lover might say "I may clean floors to be with you")
  20. Mafia don - May the chors be with you (can also be used above - chores)
  21. Peahen - May the mores be with you
  22. Jim Morrison fan - May The Doors be with you
  23. Democrat American population in 2000 - May the Gores be with you
  24. Winnie the Pooh who's just stolen the donkey's tail because he wants it for himself - May Eeyore's be with you
  25. Sutherland employee - May outsource be with you
  26. Miner - May the ores be with you
  27. Shopaholic - May the stores be with you
  28. Selfish person - May what's yours be with you
  29. Hot babe who keeps getting annoying IMs from unknown idiots wanting to be friends - May ignores be with you

Any more suggestions?


Vivek said...

Fundoo timepass that was, coming up with more.. keep the post open.. and, i'm cross posting in my blog. And btw, Happy b'day to me! :)

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Nice idea, some very good variations. Should we start a weekly theme?

And have a great year, Vivek.


Unknown said...

JAP: How do you mean, a weekly theme?