Monday 31 May 2004

*scribble* *scribble*

Well, here I am. Again. Had to write the University Challenge prelims yesterday, at St. Xavier's College in V.T, Mumbai. Period.

Anyways, after that was done, I met Manish and we had a small lunch at McDonald's. Then we wandered around looking for movies to go to, and what do we see? MURDER is playing at New Empire, at 1530, and its only just 1400! And so it was decided. Now how do we kill an hour? Simply by walking down the causeway, and avoiding all the street CD vendors, who really want to sell you cheap B-grade Hindi/Marathi movies packaged on the outside to look like porn. Or cheap B-grade Hindi/Marathi movie songs packaged on the outside to look like a hit MP3 collection. Putting all that behind us, however, I did manage to pick up a copy of The Godfather in pristine condition, for 50 bucks. Why? Because it's a book everyone should have, and read, and keep, and then read again, and finally end up repeating the cycle.

When we did get back to the cinema hall, to buy tickets, we were a bit surprised to see such a large queue for a cheap-thrills flick in its second week. But we did manage to get decent tickets, because it turned out a lot of the crowd was made up of couples wanting rear corner tickets for canoodling.

The movie was actually quite OK. Not great, nor perhaps even good, but for 50 bucks, it was fine. Reema Lamba (aka Mallika Sherawat) was hot, which was predictable enough. And frankly, the only reason people went to watch the movie, me included. Ashmit Patel and Emraan Hashmi just look like druggies in rehab. And for God's sake, will someone *PLEASE* make them get a decent shave? Or do females actually enjoy prickly hair rubbing up against their face, neck, etc, etc? Please, educate me...

But hey, that aside, the movie's steamy. No, make that with a capital 'S'. Steamy. I mean, hello! And watching it was terrific fun too, what with the crowd around us passing lewd comments whenever possible. I mean that! They weren't nasty, and never went overboard. Sample :-

Emraan Hashmi: (screaming) I love you! You have to meet me! I want to see your face everyday!

Crowd smart-alec: What? You were looking at her face??

The movie's typical Mukesh Bhatt-type wannabe-actors and sleaze, and even reminded me of Maya Memsaab at one point, where Mallika Sherawat screams, "This is wrong! Let me go!", and tries to protect her dignity from the roving hands of Emraan Hashmi, but finally ends up getting some nookie in all sorts of places. Geographical locations that is, you sickos. (Bed, terrace of a public building, footsie in a restaurant, sunshade of some building's window, and - the cherry on the cake - in her own house in the presence of her husband, in another room of course)

In short, yeah okay, go ahead, watch it and enjoy. Try to do so for free, though!

Saturday 29 May 2004

Born to blog?

This might seem weird. What the hell, it *IS* weird. There's a quiz to find out what kind of social software you are.

I am LiveJournal

I know, I know, don't advertise our competitor and all, but Google's cool with everything ;)

Anyways, take the test here.

And, incidentally, visit my LiveJournal here, if you want to see an empty blog. That's right. Bupkes entries. I only got the LJ account, 'cause Ravi was so insistent.

Thursday 27 May 2004

Holy krap!

Whatever will people think of next!

What? Go ahead, click on the image!

Monday 24 May 2004

And life goes on

Yep, what the title says. Still vacationing in Bombay, and still enjoying every moment of it. Although there is a downside. All I do all day is eat, sleep, watch T.V and sit at the comp. In an A.C environment.

Okay, okay, don't look so shocked. Yes, it *is* a downside because all that activity (more appropriately, the lack of it) results in me blowing up. Which brings back memories of middle school, when I was fat. And when I say fat, it's an understatement. I mean, I was a blimp. But in high school, I went for cricket coaching and stuff, and became, while not buff, somewhat athletic in my build. But now, here in Bombay, I'm glad that I don't go out too often, as I wouldn't be able to fit into my current set of pants at all, which were selected for my trimmer frame..

But, I wouldn't fear too much. I can still see my feet!

Wednesday 19 May 2004

Alone at last!

Finally, I've got the privacy needed to type out a blog entry! I know, I know. It may seem weird that I need privacy to write a blog that is public in the first place, but yeah, I can't bring myself to type with people peering over my shoulder.

Er..that said, I really don't have much to say..I'm playing Yahoo Pool right now, and getting my ass whipped by some random female. Hmm..could it be because I'm not concentrating on my game, and typing instead? Definitely so!

Sunday 16 May 2004


Hmm, too many things are going wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, in fact, more like not my way.

And yup, some time or the other, I will get around to telling.

I'm feeling very profound now, for this time of the night (0045 hrs), so I think I'll stop now, before this gets out of hand...

Tuesday 11 May 2004

What more can I say?

Mein Aur Meri Tanhai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karte Hain
Tum Hotin To Kaisa Hota, Tum Ye Kehtin, Tum Vo Kehtin
Tum Is Baat Pe Hairan Hotin, Tum Us Baat Pe Kitni Hanstin
Tum Hotin To Aisa Hota, Tum Hotin To Vaisa Hota
Mein Aur Meri Tanhai, Aksar Ye Baaten Karte Hain

Ye Raat Hai, Ya Tumhari Zulfen Khuli Hui Hain
Hai Chandni Ya Tumhari Nazron Se, Meri Raaten Dhuli Hui Hain
Ye Chand Hai, Ya Tumhara Kangan, Sitaare Hain Ya Tumhara Aanchal
Hava Ka Jhonka Hai, Ya Tumhare Badan Ki Khushboo
Ye Pattiyon Ki Hai Sarsarahat, Ke Tumne Chupke Se Kuch Kaha Hai
Ye Sochta Hoon Maein Kabse Gumsum
Ki Jabki Mujhko Bhi Ye Khabar Hai, Ki Tum Nahin Ho, Kahin Nahin Ho
Magar Ye Dil Hai Ki Keh Raha Hai, Tum Yahin Ho, Yahin Kahin Ho
Majboor Ye Haalaat, Idhar Bhi Hain Udhar Bhi
Tanhai Ke Ye Raat, Idhar Bhi Hai Udhar Bhi
Kehne Ko Bahut Kuchh Hai, Magar Kis Se Kahen Hum
Kab Tak Yoonhi Khaamosh Rahen, Aur Sahen Hum
Dil Kehta Hai Duniya Ki Har Ik Rasm Utha Dein
Deewaar Jo Hum Dono Mein Hai, Aaj Gira Dein
Kyun Dil Mein Sulagte Rahein, Logon Ko Bata Dein
Haan Humko Mohabbat Hai...
Ab Dil Mein Yahi Baat, Idhar Bhi Hai, Udhar Bhi

Sunday 9 May 2004

And I am like...

I'm Chandler Bing from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

created by stomps.

Somewhat farcical, but fun nevertheless :)

Saturday 8 May 2004

Upsy Downsy

Yesterday - deliriously happy.
Today - miserable funk.

And I blame 2 entities :-

  • Synergy Communications - for changing the UC prelims date.

  • Sri Sai Ram Engg. College - for giving a measly 30 days off.
  • Thursday 6 May 2004

    More about GMail

    I've just read all the reviews about GMail, and discovered that it's actually Gmail. How ignorant I can be, no?

    A lot of people have written stuff praising Gmail, a few trashing it, and all of it in somewhat terse language. Well, I can sum up Gmail (after using it and it's associated features) in 2 words :-

    bucken frilliant.

    GMail! and almost a travelogue...

    I have GMail email! Woohoo!

    Anyways, coming back to Earth, I know it's been quite a while, but yeah, there's been stuff going on, like exams. I was in Bombay for the study hols before those, and now that they're over (exams, i.e, not study hols), I'm in Bombay again! re-woohoo!

    [sidebar - man, Indian Railways suck bad. No, actually, amend that to "Sleeper 2nd, and below, in Indian Railways" suck bad. The heat is bad enough, but what with the eunuchs and unreserved locals pleading for a place to sit, jeez, drives any normal human being to the verge of insanity. - end sidebar]

    The scenery as one travels between Madras and Bombay by rail, is quite fascinating. It looks barren for the most part. And by barren, I don't mean desert-like. It just looks so DRY. Even after a neat shower, all the greenery looks dull, almost as if the life has been beaten out of them. And then, in comes Pune. And after that, passing through Khandala, one views the ghats, and all is quite alright in life. Suddenly nothing matters anymore, except that view. Such a view is difficult to put into words, and one might even venture that it is nigh impossible to capture it on lens. At times like those, one regrets the lack of more pairs of eyes. And the moments when the train passes through a tunnel, and then exits it are simply sublime - for the rapidity with which the view changes. Eye-catching greenery to equally eye-catching ruggedness to eyecatching greenery. Oh my!

    I wish I took the Dadar Express more often, which can provide one these sights. The Mumbai Mail only takes you through it in darkness, and yet, such is the beauty of the place, that even then you don't - can't! - fail to notice it.