Saturday 28 August 2004


Happened to be the worst day of my life.

Sunday 22 August 2004

The most Linuxy Linux post *ever*

No wonder the Linux movement occasionally fails to gather mainstream steam...

-- start--

From: Raja Subramanian
Subject: Re: [Ilugc] Debian's new installer - A walkthrough.


Suresh Ramasubramanian wrote:
> Praveen wrote:
> >FYI,
> damn, the installation is starting to look more slackware-ish

Being an old debian hand, I find this installer annoying. Too much
chatter. The installer's job is to bootstrap your machine with a
self-sufficient stand-alone distro as easily as possible. The second
stage installer 'base-config' can be as smart as it wants.

The potato installer was the best, as simple as a knife and fork. All
you need to get the potato installer going was a kernel, a rootfs and
the live fs tarball. You could easily get it going on extremely tricky
hardware - no fdd, cdrom, etc.

Infact installing potato was so easy that you did not even need the
installer! Just untar the live fs tar ball into a dir and chroot.
Minor configuration and presto! Instant potato installation inside a

With potato even cross-installation was feasible. Say you had a Arm
board on which you needed to install potato. You could untar the live
fs tar ball into a dir on your PC and nfs export it. Then just boot the
Arm machine with an appropriate kernel and mount root over nfs.
That's it.

All this was possible because the first stage installer did a simple
job. Woody was still manageable, but sarge looks bad. Maybe with time
we'll get used to the beast.

> the last time i saw debian was years back .. dselect endless loop made
> me rather allergic to it.

I'm sure you realise that you don't have to use dselect if you don't
like it. Tasksel and apt can be run anytime later.

- Raja

General stuph

And life goes on...
Still juggling a lot of things, though. Especially this final year project thingy, which is getting to be a major pain in the posterior.

Wednesday 18 August 2004


This is a test post with w.bloggar

The new and improved mokkai song!

I'm a Michael Jackson,
I'm a Jackie Chan.
I'm a Ricky Martin,
I'm a Virtusan!

Heartstoppingly, for me i.e, I came to know this only with the last alphabet mentioned by the H.R fellow.

Anyways, now no one can ask me, "Kaam dhanda nahin hai kya?".

Saturday 14 August 2004


I've got Internet access at home! Wahoo!

Yesterday, I was so psyched to hear about the connection that I ran around the house yodeling with delight, and ended up slipping on a patch of water and sliding about 5 feet and ramming into the doorframe. Which resulted in two huge welts across my legs, but what the hell!

As Droopy would say, "I'm happy."

Monday 2 August 2004


I've now also signed up for the TOEFL. And it's on the 20th of this month :(
So much work, so little time.
I miss blogging :(