Sunday 18 February 2007

Tiny request

Pliss to be leaving your name in the comments. I'd like to know who's saying what :-)

An Ode to Sameer

If Sameer had gone to school,
He wouldn't be such a fool.
His head would have some brains,
Instead of cotton wool.

Sameer likes weird games,
I feel like calling him names.
But what to do? I'm jealous,
'Cos he attracts all the dames.

Sameer deserves a KITA,
'Cos he's such a major PITA,
He's also such a sissyhead,
He's forever complaining to Geeta.

These songs about the freako,
Are written during Eco.
It's time to stop this silliness,
Says the display on my Seiko.

[Largely sung to the tune of Whose Line Is It Anyway's "Irish Drinking Song"]

Wednesday 14 February 2007

Macroeconomic scribblings

Money is a matter of functions four,
A medium, a measure, a standard and a store.
But I don't really care, I just keep wanting more,
And that's why, dear readers, I didn't vote for Al Gore.

I now regret it, such terrible luck,
Having supported that goddamn Texan shcmuck.
But what can we do now, with Dubya we're stuck,
Impeachment? Nah, no intern did he fuck...

Wait for the next elections, we thought.
Let us remove this unsightly blot.
But personality and balls, Kerry had not,
A better kinda asshole, but not by a lot.

(This was written down in a class on macroeconomic theory. Hazzah.)

Wednesday 7 February 2007

Blatant but valid generalization

Most Indian I.T people are common sense challenged.

Even worse, a large percentage of this are basic intelligence challenged.

(Empirical evidence only, statistics pulled out of you-know-where)