Wednesday 30 March 2005

Longest chemical name

Now there's an interesting title for a blog post. [Un]fortunately, it also happens to be quite appropriate for this link here.

Son of a....!

Friday 25 March 2005

More Slashdot

Man, that site rocks! No, actually AlterSlash rox...

Check this out! Chance e illa!

This is nice!

Techie, but nice!

Culled from a Slashdot post:

"When a drop of ethanol is dropped on a surface at low pressures (1/5 atmosphere or less), it makes no splash. Science offers a brief synopsis and fascinating pictures of the phenomenon. The results seem to confirm the (perhaps counterintuitive) prediction that more viscous liquids are more likely to splash, not less likely . Links to the researchers’ home page at U of Chicago (as of now, the site is timing out) and pdf version of the article on arxiv can be found on the Science page also."

Friday 18 March 2005


I went to Tirupati on Tuesday, the 15th day of March, 2005. I describe the date in so much detail because it has been the singularly most sublime experience of my life.

The Padmavathy temple at Tiruchanur [aka Alamelumangapuram, apaprently] was nice, but didn't have the same effect the hubby's shrine...

Cutting through all the bookkeeping details, we made it at last to the sanctum sanctorum, after grappling with a most unruly, rowdy bunch of so-called 'pilgrims' [One guy actually yelled "Yenna myra pudungara!" at me! While in line! Inside the temple!].


For the entire duration of the minute I was there.

No sounds audible. Nothing else visible. No thoughts. Nothing. But the idol and its aura. Unadulterated divinity. Unsullied by the rotten world. Untouched by the trials of time. Pure.

Unquestionably the most spiritually and physically overwhelming encounter in my life.

Even the variegated, unlimited lunch after the darshan couldn't do much to shake me out of this kind of trance state...

Saturday 12 March 2005

Indian Ocean...

Doobke jaan tu kitna paani
But, undoubtedly, their best track (out of all the ones that I've heard, grand total of 5) must be something called "Torrent". It's the ultimate in vocal/guitar balance. And it's all humming! No lyrics to worry about! One of the few natural highs in music. (Another one being GNR's November Rain...oohh..goose pimples....)

Once again, they totally rock. I worship them.