Sunday 11 September 2005

Excuse me?

Recently, (well, about as recent as you can get w.r.t my blog :-) ), Pothy's unveiled their "World's longest silk saree", which "depicts India's history". And I was like, wtf?? Okay, fine, I appreciate the effort put into it, and all the intricacies and other assorted whatnots associated with weaving a humongous silk saree. But really, when RmKV did it, it was innovative. Just about a year later, if someone else does it, really sorry, it's got "COPYCAT" stamped all over it.

Okay, that was issue #1. Issue #2 would be Pothy's bragging about the way it is a "tribute to Mother India". Hello? When I saw it on the news, it looked like a really really long wall hanging, not a silk saree..Once again, not dissing the effort that's gone into it, just thinking that it's all a bit pointless...And really the Guinness Committee should have some more stringent requirements of what constitutes a saree. Otherwise, I'm just going out and buying TRUCKLOADS of dhotis/veshtis and stitching them all together and call it the world's longest cotton saree.


Oh, and RmKV announced a 50,000 colour saree. Assuming this kind of madness will never end, this is kinda funky :-D

And no, I'm not just saying this 'cause my cousin sister's former classmate was the grand-daughter of Rm. K. really...

Monday 5 September 2005

I'm all kinds of things

Well, I tried the Food-Eating Battlemonkey meme, but the results are too embarassing to post...I was beaten on every count by Putu :-( The only thing going for me here was that Putu is a phenomenon, so losing to him is no disgrace

Buuut....but but but but but...kintu-parantu-lekin-but..The other two are pretty okay :-)


is a Giant Mecha-Robot that spits Ice, breathes Fire, emits Clouds of Inky Smoke, can turn Invisible, and CANNOT BE STOPPED.

Strength: 12 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 13

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat shr1k, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights shr1k using


is a Robot that is fitted with a Giant Axe and an Oil-Slick Nozzle, has Four Metal Wheels, runs on Petrol, is Semi-Organic, and can divide into Several Smaller Robots.

Force: 5 Handling: 8 Weaponry: 2

To see if your Battle Robot can
defeat shrikant, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights shrikant using

So what are you waiting for??

Trying to post from office..

And not the Microsoft types! Or the Open types! Posting from my desk at Verizon [DS] India [PL]!

All this possible through fundoo software thingy called Citrix. Restrictive, but it gets the job done..

Friday 2 September 2005

Oooooo aaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeee memememememe

In case you didn't get it, that's how an opera sounds to me. And no, even if some hot babe took me to Troilus And Cressida, and tearfully explained it to me, it would still sound the same..

Anyways, point being that I finally got around to downloading Opera. The browser, i.e. Wasn't using it till now because of multiple reasons..

-> Firefox + extensions totally ROCKS.
-> It's not free, and comes with ads. Yes I know I could use a keygen or crack or whatever, but it's a brilliant product by brilliant people. Don't want to needlessly rob them of their due :)
-> I'm just soooo spoilt rotten by Adblock on Firefox...

Now that I'm using, I wouldn't say it rocks just yet, but it's amazingly fast. Quite possibly the fastest browser I've ever used, in terms of startup and page rendering. Cool interface, totally browser-migration-hassle-free.

Pages render a little funny, but I gotta say this blog looks positively STUNNING on Opera..Dunno why...