Tuesday 21 February 2006

Monday 13 February 2006


Q: How does an office romance end because the guy is too stingy?

Toner is black,
Blueprints are blue,
Copies are cheap,
And so are you.

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Hey I can dream, can't I?

Wednesday 8 February 2006

Grow up, sheesh

From http://www.hindu.com/2006/02/08/stories/2006020817400500.htm

Theatre owners, who released Vijay's `Aadhi' a day after Pongal, have
demanded compensation from the actor for the losses suffered by

"In the past, Rajnikant, Vijaykanth , Kamal Haasan and T.
Rajender have compensated when we suffered losses..."

Sangam secretary P. Kannappan said that unless Vijay compensated the loss,
they would take the drastic step of deciding against giving theatres for Vijay's
Great. Sure. After all, when you got into the business, you knew that all movies were going to be surefire hits, right?

Bah. The above-mentioned 4 actors should be severely reprimanded for spoiling the theatre owners. And the theatre owners themselves should be sent to kindergarten, and made to re-learn concepts like dealing with stuff.

Nitpicking Gaurav some more

In Gaurav's quiz here, Q.No 17 is a connect between various songs/pieces of music, one of which is mentioned as Andy Williams' Speak Softly Love.

Technically, while Andy Williams may be the crooner, credit for the MUSIC (which was filched by Annu "chalti-hai-kya-nau-se-barah" Malik) must go to Nino Rota. Who had used the exact same piece (albeit a much faster version) in a movie called "Barbarella" "Fortunella" about 4 years before "The Godfather".

Response being made here because I really couldn't be bothered with bending myself in knots to email him.

Incidentally, Annu Malik had claimed that "Akele Hum Akele Tum" was his most original movie ever.