Saturday 15 October 2005

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

This is supposedly a leaked IIPM press statement. Please read the title of this post again for my reaction to it.

Therefore, in the general interest of our existing students, as a policy decision we have decided that we will take legal action against any form of media trying to spread baseless lies and rumours about us with malicious intent.

This really means they're going to sue themselves. I mean, who's been spreading baseless lies and rumours about them more than themselves?

Oh yes, and speaking of blatant lies - Swati's done some interesting work. Makes you wonder - are the Tehelka-style shenanigans the only methods of investigative methods known to the MSM? And are they only interested in politics and sex?

And now that IIPM's declared war openly on Gaurav Sabnis, now that they're stooping to leaving insulting comments openly on blogs, now...what? All I can say is - now that I'm in a position to take active part in such goings-on, I will stand by the blogosphere's right to freedom of speech all the way.

That major newspapers STILL don't have any proper coverage of this story is an outrage. I'm hoping at least The Hindu lives up to its principles and does something, anything about it.

[As an aside, I bought an LG 17" monitor recently, Man does it rock!]

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