Thursday 13 October 2005

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's my 3-day week-end flying up, up and away into the yonder! Ah the trials and tribulations of one in the I.T industry...

Anyways, since I'm at my office now, this is just a quick post to prod my blog into believing I'm not dead, and also to state that I'm not unaware of the IIPM vs. bloggers fracas. I also find it mildly surprising that IIPM hasn't come out openly on the issue. I would've thought that anybody being 'defamed' would issue stringent denials of all charges first, *THEN* take to legal recourse.

All this only re-inforces my belief that anybody who advertises that much should be given a bullet or two. Not because they might be misleading/lying thru their ass/being 'obscene', but because they're hogging the space where interesting news would otherwise have appeared.

And yes, I totally support JAM (which rocks, by the way), Rashmi, Gaurav, and Varna. I would put a few reactions on the apathy of the MSM (which stands for Mainstream Media, as I recently found out - we can thank IIPM for that..heh), but I don't have cable :-( so my only access to the MSM is The Hindu (which also rocks, by the way, so much more than that tired, washed-out, downright vile excuse for a newsrag)

More power to bloggers!

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