Sunday 23 October 2005

More MSM crap

Outlook puts out articles where it is, more often than not, sorry for the ensuing French, talking through it's ass.

Their coverage of the IIPM brouhaha is no exception.

I actually stooped to registering on the site so that I could provide them with the following 'feedback':

First Mr. Vivek labels Indian bloggers as a "bitchy, self-indulgent, incestous network" and then accuses THEM of name-calling and taking potshots at others?

And still the mainstream media continues to ignore the real issue. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just MAYBE, the bloggers aren't doing this imply to drive traffic to their blogs? That there might be something to these 'allegations'? And that maybe the so-called 'real journalists' should be doing the work here?


Mridula said...

Well said.

gawker said...

I agree. Whats been irritating to me is the main story as far as the MSM is concerned, has been the rise of bloggers. When they should instead have been focussing on IIPM's frauds instead as the main story. The MSM's just not getting it.