Saturday 22 October 2005

Office blues

It's 1600 hrs on a Saturday. And I'm sitting in office. Not that I had any great plans for the weekend, but it's always nice to have an entire day to yourself after a week of weird work timings. The worst thing about me sitting in office today is that I'm not actually doing any work. [I can feel wisecracks coming on about when I do any work. Stop it.] I just have to w...a..i..t. So what do I do? Go restricted surfing, of course!

Some interesting things have turned up..Press Talk led me to this link about fake Indian universities i.e ones that have been blacklisted by the UGC All the indignation aside, that list has some really funny names, which in itself should alert any person with any reasonable amount of intelligence about their dubious nature.
  • Commercial University Ltd., Daryaganj, Delhi

I mean, come ON people! They're practically flaunting their intentions!

  • National University of Electro Complex Homeopathy, Kanpur

Right. As opposed to other instis only indulging in the pedagogy of Magneto Simple Homeopathy?

  • United Nations University, Delhi

Like I said - come ON people! I really cannot believe anybody would fall for that one. But then again, if all of Ekta Kapoor's teleserials rack up the TRPs, despite being exactly the same, anything's possible in our country...

  • Vocational University, Delhi

Fakest name. Ever. Even faker than the word 'fakest'.

  • Raja Arabic University, Nagpur

Nothing unusual about that one. Just included to show off the secular nature of my blog..

  • Handwriting University India, No 16 Church Road, Basavaugudi,Bangalor-4

Wow, an entire university for penmanship alone? That sounds like a univ I could use...

  • Indian Institute of Planning and Management

Oh wait, that's not on the list. Silly me, I wonder how I could've made that mistake..

There's also a reference to the 'Mal Practices Alert regarding American University of Hawaii'. Sounds neat :)

Come to think of it, when I said 'any person with any reasonable amount of intelligence', I probably wasn't thinking. These kinds of shady places don't really target those kind of people. They're more likely after the gullible types who want a degree appended to their names at any cost. Kautiliya has written at length about 'trapping suckers'.

Coming back to my opening paragraph, one of the few good things about slaving one's [admittedly large] posterior off in software development is that you get to see that even Vinod or Goach can't get out of this one!

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