Monday 31 May 2004

*scribble* *scribble*

Well, here I am. Again. Had to write the University Challenge prelims yesterday, at St. Xavier's College in V.T, Mumbai. Period.

Anyways, after that was done, I met Manish and we had a small lunch at McDonald's. Then we wandered around looking for movies to go to, and what do we see? MURDER is playing at New Empire, at 1530, and its only just 1400! And so it was decided. Now how do we kill an hour? Simply by walking down the causeway, and avoiding all the street CD vendors, who really want to sell you cheap B-grade Hindi/Marathi movies packaged on the outside to look like porn. Or cheap B-grade Hindi/Marathi movie songs packaged on the outside to look like a hit MP3 collection. Putting all that behind us, however, I did manage to pick up a copy of The Godfather in pristine condition, for 50 bucks. Why? Because it's a book everyone should have, and read, and keep, and then read again, and finally end up repeating the cycle.

When we did get back to the cinema hall, to buy tickets, we were a bit surprised to see such a large queue for a cheap-thrills flick in its second week. But we did manage to get decent tickets, because it turned out a lot of the crowd was made up of couples wanting rear corner tickets for canoodling.

The movie was actually quite OK. Not great, nor perhaps even good, but for 50 bucks, it was fine. Reema Lamba (aka Mallika Sherawat) was hot, which was predictable enough. And frankly, the only reason people went to watch the movie, me included. Ashmit Patel and Emraan Hashmi just look like druggies in rehab. And for God's sake, will someone *PLEASE* make them get a decent shave? Or do females actually enjoy prickly hair rubbing up against their face, neck, etc, etc? Please, educate me...

But hey, that aside, the movie's steamy. No, make that with a capital 'S'. Steamy. I mean, hello! And watching it was terrific fun too, what with the crowd around us passing lewd comments whenever possible. I mean that! They weren't nasty, and never went overboard. Sample :-

Emraan Hashmi: (screaming) I love you! You have to meet me! I want to see your face everyday!

Crowd smart-alec: What? You were looking at her face??

The movie's typical Mukesh Bhatt-type wannabe-actors and sleaze, and even reminded me of Maya Memsaab at one point, where Mallika Sherawat screams, "This is wrong! Let me go!", and tries to protect her dignity from the roving hands of Emraan Hashmi, but finally ends up getting some nookie in all sorts of places. Geographical locations that is, you sickos. (Bed, terrace of a public building, footsie in a restaurant, sunshade of some building's window, and - the cherry on the cake - in her own house in the presence of her husband, in another room of course)

In short, yeah okay, go ahead, watch it and enjoy. Try to do so for free, though!

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Anonymous said...

emraan u look damn good and ur so fuckin hott. we just gotta meet. i luv ya sooooo much ur like the bestest