Thursday 6 May 2004

GMail! and almost a travelogue...

I have GMail email! Woohoo!

Anyways, coming back to Earth, I know it's been quite a while, but yeah, there's been stuff going on, like exams. I was in Bombay for the study hols before those, and now that they're over (exams, i.e, not study hols), I'm in Bombay again! re-woohoo!

[sidebar - man, Indian Railways suck bad. No, actually, amend that to "Sleeper 2nd, and below, in Indian Railways" suck bad. The heat is bad enough, but what with the eunuchs and unreserved locals pleading for a place to sit, jeez, drives any normal human being to the verge of insanity. - end sidebar]

The scenery as one travels between Madras and Bombay by rail, is quite fascinating. It looks barren for the most part. And by barren, I don't mean desert-like. It just looks so DRY. Even after a neat shower, all the greenery looks dull, almost as if the life has been beaten out of them. And then, in comes Pune. And after that, passing through Khandala, one views the ghats, and all is quite alright in life. Suddenly nothing matters anymore, except that view. Such a view is difficult to put into words, and one might even venture that it is nigh impossible to capture it on lens. At times like those, one regrets the lack of more pairs of eyes. And the moments when the train passes through a tunnel, and then exits it are simply sublime - for the rapidity with which the view changes. Eye-catching greenery to equally eye-catching ruggedness to eyecatching greenery. Oh my!

I wish I took the Dadar Express more often, which can provide one these sights. The Mumbai Mail only takes you through it in darkness, and yet, such is the beauty of the place, that even then you don't - can't! - fail to notice it.

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