Wednesday 2 June 2004

Argh! Less than a week!

That's right! Less than 7 days left, before I haul my hiney back to Chennai. It's not fair, getting only a month for a year-end vacation! Wait, I'm not some lazy bum who wants to sit around all day eating and goofing around. No, really. Just let the college not give so many holidays *during* college days. Meaning, keep a 6-day work week, and only give out national holidays. Keep all the local stuff away. And then - massive blowout alert - give 45 days end of year hols! I mean, does this suggestion rock or what? many things, so little time. I wish someone would invent a machine, or a drug, that would enable a human being to be perfectly fine on 4 hours of sleep a day. Sleep is wonderful, but such a colossal waste of time. I *know* I'd be happier if I could go to sleep 2 hours later and wake up 2 hours earlier. But right now, I can't! And that really gets me down. There's just so much to learn, so much to do. And it's bad enough that I'm nearing 21. Gah! I'm an oldie! Dudes and dudettes, I want to know everything. It may sound slightly (!) unrealistic, but what the hey. I don't ever want to be content with what I know. I want to wet my appendages in all possible fields. I'm fairly drowning in computers, so yeah, some of the things I want to know more about are :-

  • Chemical Technology (and all associated subfields)
  • Economic Theory
  • Construction Technology
  • Electrical/Electronic fundamentals (thoroughly!)
  • Plumbing works (seriously!)
  • And much more...

And that, my friends, is that.

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