Monday 15 April 2013


Sensory overload. Sounds are louder and more distinct. Lights are brighter. Things feel more tangible. Sweets taste sweeter.

This is where I get off.

...and then climb back on and continue from where I left off. Personal challenge to continue this line of investigation even when the investigatory incentives have worn off.

Much better, but only by a little. Running around in the sun does one's constitution a world of good. It's so beautiful today that I think I'll head to the park instead of stewing at home?

No no, IPL changes to be made. Park can come later.

And the stream of consciousness continues. Trippy trippy trap.

IPL ditched, park idled in, lake walked by. And most of the day is still left to enjoy. Been a great Sunday thus far. People must be thanked, activities and recipes must be repeated, and further fun must be had.

Over and out.


Unknown said...

Cute post!
A to Z April Blogging Challenge

Jo said...

Have you been visiting other blogs, that is a good way to get people returning to your blog and leaving comments.


Kathy said...

Interesting post.
Visiting on the A to Z Challenge
Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

Tyrean Martinson said...

Hope you've had a wonderful week!
Just visiting from A to Z.

Anonymous said...

Danke für die unglaubliche Informationen und interessant, dies zu beobachten

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