Saturday 23 June 2007

Back home!

After (a really hot!) summers, brief encounters with relatives and family friends, and a much vaunted traditonal annual encounter with the little/fat/smelly/funny/snarky/gabby/all-of-the-above one at the traditional point of encounter, I'm back where I belong. (What do you know - exactly a year since that post!) And out come the lists, in no particular order, of course..

The good:
The bad:
  • Randomly having to go hungry on occasions
  • Internet access issues
The ugly:
  • Chennai weather
  • Data loss :-O
The freakin' brilliant:
  • Alternate weekends
  • Hutch-to-Hutch STD @ Re.1/minute
Back to the grind, for now, with the occasional dip into the Indian Maddox.


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