Saturday 29 January 2005

Mood Indigo 2004 - Creative Writing

Su[ndeep] and yours truly participated in the Creative Writing event at IIT Bombay's Mood Indigo 2004, which was sometime in December. We were shown a picture and asked to write anything that included the picture and any one of two verses supplied. And this is what we cranked out!

This post should have come earlier, but for my abject laziness :(

Anyone interested in viewing the entire picture? Go here!

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The waters that sparkled so bright before,
Now moon alone, the gloomy shore,
And all is dark, as Fate will be,
That spreads its cheerless path for me.

As I stand now upon the brink,
With barely the ability to think,
I do not know how it came to be,
That this desire for death overwhelmed me.

Having sunk into the depths of despair,
For my own life, I no longer care.
With a beard so big and a form so portly,
I cannot perceive how anyone could love me.

As I stand upon the cliff contemplating Death,
“Goodbye, cruel world!”, I mutter beneath my breath.
As I prepare to plunge into the sea,
I behold the shapely form of a naked lady!

Perfectly proportioned, graceful as a deer,
All I could do was stand there and leer.
She reminded me of a girl at Mood Indi,
Was it her? Could it really be?

She espied me standing upon the cliff,
Maybe she sensed that my member was stiff!
Embarrassed, she seemed to glance at me,
Yet no attempt was made to cover her body.

I just stood there, lost in my thoughts,
She was mine, and I was calling the shots.
To the untrained, this might be pornography,
But to me, ‘twas an erotic symphony.

I held my hand out, as if in question,
And perhaps, a faint hint of suggestion.
Do I come to you, or you to me?
What say you and me have a quickie?

I took a step forward, with my breath bated,
Unaware that a perilous plunge awaited.
From the heavens now, the lady I see.
Though I am dead, my mind is still dirty!

No, we didn't win anything. But that's only because nobody appreciates art any more. [Actually, it could be because of the occasionally crappy metre and the awful tense structure, but we don't want to go there...]


Sarath Srinivasan said...

And most people only see the bright light before they die..nice way to go.. And i dont expect anymore unkind remarks from su about mine and hari's contribution to the same cause.

Abhimanyu said...

Noce one da. :) Lol...