Thursday 20 January 2005

Sick, sick, sick, I tell you!

A lot has happened since the last post. Actually not, but that always seems like a nice cliched way to start a new post.

In reality, very little happened. Except if you see my leaving to Bombay again on very short notice as something of importance. I was kinda hoping it would be, but as I sat at home all day this time around, it wasn't :(

Developed a mild fever, which became a raging one here in Chennai, due to the absolute horribleness of the water. Bah, I'd leave this place using the water quality [and quantity, come to think of it] alone as a reason. So I'm back to near-starving meself and developing a very short temper in the process.

This post is supposed to contain the fruits of Sundeep's and my valiant efforts to produce legible output during the Creative Writing event of IIT-Bombay's Mood Indigo 2004. [For more details about what happened during the fest, run on over to Vinod's cyberplace to peruse his slightly laboured efforts at a Mood Indigo Diary, which, to his credit, he chucked after Day 2, and just gave it a somewhat ruthless finishing touch.] Incidentally, Vikram C.R of our 'conti' took runners-up honours with his Gabriel Garcia Marquez-esque 'A Treatise On Loneliness'. Now I haven't really read the piece, but the title alone is enough to suggest enough Marquez-esque-ness. And those of you who know that I haven't read any Marquez either, don't let it out...

Wokay, coming back, the hard copy of the 'porno poem' we wrote is hidden someplace amongst all my rubbish in the airbag, which is yet to be unpacked. So Su, sorry man, sometime later, surely :)

Finally, I Googled 'potrzebie' and turns out it's an actual word, and not simply a MAD made up thingy. How depressing :(

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