Friday 18 February 2005

Dragging feet

Okay, now I just feel obligated to update.

BSNL is one suck-ass, god-awful, low-down SCHMOZZELBURGEN of a company. I have no idea what that word means, but I hope it conveys what I think of the organization. And in case it doesn't, well, it plain sucks.

After *not* sending me a bill, disconnecting my phone line for not paying a bill I never received, and generally giving me a lecture for forgetting to bring along a pen to the Customer Service Centre, the dumbass female issues me a receipt for my latest bill, which I hadn't even bothered about. [Because it's last payment date is much later].

So after I tell her about this, she goes into another diatribe on how people rarely pay their phone bill on time, all the while completely oblivious to the fact that people are waiting to precisely that. Anyways, I get my proper receipt, go home and find out that my connection still hasn't returned by the next day. You know what comes next. Back to the same old center, same old counter, same old crank. Except, this time, she decides that simply sitting there and looking around is her definition of 'busy' and asks me to come later. Fortunately for me, I go away and don't come back. And mysteriously, my connection was also restored...go figure...

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