Friday 30 October 2009

Apple users are gullible

MediaPost is carrying an article about a study done by a mobile ad network called Quattro Wireless, which looks at click-through rates on online advertisements via mobile devices.

The results:

The article itself also mentions that the total number of ad impressions were the highest for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

So basically, iBlahWhatever users are more likely to click on ads, or in other words, fall for marketer-bait. QED - these folks are gullible and like to splurge on shiny thingummies. As, it would appear, are gamers, but that was never in question :-)


Anonymous said...

Me here after a while, and I like the new template! :)

...and is it just me, or has there been a slight orientation away from techie posts here? (not necessarily this one)....I yum loving it! this rate, I might start prefering your blog to The Other's... ;)

- JoJo

Anonymous said...

and on a more relevant note....

I protest against the QED! I sometimes click on ads that catch my fancy, but have no intention on splurging, and Iam definitely not gullible!...huh!..the very thought!


Unknown said...

I click on ads that catch my fancy too, but my QED doesn't necessarily mean everyone who follows ads are sheep!

I'm obviously being a bit disingenuous and tilting the post towards reinforcing my position - it could also be an indicator of the relative proportion of such devices in the marketplace. But this why they didn't look at number of clicks alone and did some indexing that corrects for absolute numbers.

Basically, if you have an iDevice, there is a decent probability that you choose it for some bling factor. This preference for bling manifests in other ways, such as clicking on ads, and being more likely to make online purchases when prompted (there was a study about the latter too, and similar results).

The reverse need not be true i.e. if you click on an ad then you're more likely to be a gullible splurger..

Also, thanks for the return, do bookmark, and keep checking for updates! :-p