Saturday 6 May 2006

For a bunch of M$ haters..

over at Slashdot, and for a bunch where a large number claim to run Linux/MacOS X exclusively (Hahahahahaahahahahhaha up yours I'm Windoze-free!!!11), they sure use a very Windows-specific term far too often.

In this thread, almost EVERYONE, even the ones suggesting a Linux solution, use the word "folder" instead of "directory".

I wanted to point this out in the thread, but it was too late. Slashdot buggers stop reading a thread after ~4 hours, and anyone who does so later, read at a very high threshold :-(

And even if I had pointed it out, I'd only be slammed by the groupthink saying it's a GUI metaphor, and not specific to Windows. Go fark yourself, /.ers, and then think whether you used "folders" before Meecrobsoft Windows.

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