Tuesday 23 May 2006

Adherence to the CMP?

There's a reason why nobody objected to such a proposal at the time of elections. This was because the wording in the CMP is as follows:
  • to provide for full equality of opportunity, particularly in education and employment for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, OBCs and religious minorities.
No politician in his right mind would say anything against "equality". The CMP makes no mention of reservations for OBCs. The only other bits of the CMP that make references to reservations are:
  • The UPA government is very sensitive to the issue of affirmative action, including reservations, in the private sector. It will immediately initiate a national dialogue with all political parties, industry and other organizations to see how best the private sector can fulfill the aspirations of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe youth.
  • The UPA will establish a National Commission to see how best the welfare of socially and economically backward sections among religious and linguistic minorities, including reservations in education and employment, is enhanced. The Commission will be given six months to submit its report.
OBCs do not form a minority, religious or otherwise. By the Parliamentary Committee's own data, they form close to 52% of the Indian population. Hardly a minority. Nothing in the CMP says "oh, but I really meant they're a minorirty within the institution.."

This is why protests were not carried out. Mostly vague wording, and no mention of the actual implementation plan.

And of course, this is assuming a large part of the voting public even read the CMP, which I sincerely doubt...

It is just unfortunate that no parliamentarian has the balls to come out against this proposal. Only serves to reinforce my belief that we aren't much better off than the Americans, who have to choose between the #1 corporate shills (Republicans) and the #2 corporate shills (Democrats), in spite of our multi-party system :-(

And it is also unfortunate that every time one decides to stay in the country, our own government gives us less reason to.

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