Sunday 10 October 2004

This warrants a different heading...

Anyways, on a different note, I won 2 grand on Friday, the day before yesterday, at a quiz in Panimalar Engineering College. And no, I will not hyperlink that, because I don't think it deserves that 'honour'. Admittedly, though, that place was nice to me. The students were nice, and it gave me free food, and best of all, cash. In spite of all that, I still enjoyed today at Shaastra, where I got chucked out in the prelims of the Main Quiz, more than I did at that useless excuse of a Jeppiaar-run college. My apologies to all Panimalar students, but seriously man, your man runs Virgin Vaults, not engineering colleges.

IITM, on the other hand. What can I say? That place just oozes brain. And not in a grotesque, Ramsey Brothers manner. You can physically feel the rise in mental activity on the campus. You can sense the vastly different brainwave frequencies. I can't think of a proper term in English, but in colloquial Tamil, IITM is 'one range place'. Phew.

And this is applicable at all times. Even if I just go there for QFI. In short, it's different. And that, my sir, is palpable.

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