Tuesday 5 October 2004

Me = Mo Joe!

I've finally got my hands on Firefox 1.0. Frankly, I thought Firefox 0.8 sucked majorly, which is why until now, I was in no great hurry to get rid of Internet Explorer 6. And seriously people, don't even *bother* suggesting that lame excuse for a competetive product - Opera. It takes even longer that IE 6 to start up. Ditto for Netscape. Firefox though - phew! F.A.S.T! In *all* aspects, be it loading web pages, or just starting up. And I used to think I'll never get to like tabbed browsing interfaces!

Incidentally, in the title of this post, I am *not* referring to that great simian evil-doer - Mojo Jojo. Since I'm just another user of a Mozilla product, I become a Mo Joe...heh...mokkai party...

1 comment:

Nandan said...

dude i am using forefox 0.8 on a celeron 433 with 128 megs and yes it takes time to load. not consider this .. u' be loading the browser only once but u'll be lading dozens of web pages ...and that forefox does fast ..really fast. and thats why its better hatn any browser MS can hope to come up with. Love opera also tho right now in love with firefox