Wednesday 22 September 2004

Project? What project?

Final year project time has finally stopped being just around the corner, so its apparent that I'll just have to get off my lazy behind to do something about it. Only problem is...WHAT THE HELL DO I DO???

It's not like there are a shortage of ideas or anything. But everything I think of sounds so simplistic, that even I find it too ridiculous for a final year project. And for four hundred (400) marks at that.

Guys, suggestions are welcome. And oh yes, it should be something fun.

BTW, I went to St. Joseph's College of Engineering yesterday, and came 2nd in the quiz. The prelims hinted at decent stuff, but the finals were somewhat messy, what with a round being scrapped and some weird non-quiz questions being asked. However, all was well, as I ended up eating 4 times at that place. Morning breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, and evening snacks. And all of them totally rocked the place. Definitely better than sister Satyabhama, where the food was worse than my college even.

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