Saturday 13 March 2004

Sitting in the lab...

I've just added comments! Go wild, people! (Right now, all 5 of self-marketing skills still leave a lot to be desired..)

Anna University has announced dates for my lab exams, but not for the theory yet, which sucks, 'cause I want to book tickets to Bombay ASAP, and avoid the mad holiday rush and the EQ worries.

i've just downloaded a couple of files (or maybe 6..same difference) but I haven't brought a CD-RW with me! Damn it all to hell and beyond! So this means I'll have to do all the burning stuff on Tuesday..I could try on Monday, but we have model pracs.

I know all that must've been pretty boring, but in my current state of mind, it's all I can think of. Unless you want to know that I *didn't* go to HCE yesterday because of reasons better left un-mentioned.

Met Brindha and Ramya today in college. They're working in iNautix and Wipro, respectively, and basically en route to piling on the dough. But all that's unimportant. What *is* important is that I finally got my slambook back! After like a year, nearly..

One major shortcoming I have (can't be used in interviews though) is that I never know how to finish any of these entries of mine...

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