Thursday 11 March 2004


After weeks of tinkering with the template and cursing a screwy lab Internet connection, my blog is finally up!

I expect updates to occur only at sporadic intervals, because I'm too cheap to spend on cybercafes, and hey, why not use my college facilities to the fullest, eh?

As mentioned, I'm typing this out from college lab, and was interrupted earlier as a prof wanted me and Vinod to go to Hindustan College of Engg. for some science quiz. Hoo boy. I was told Vinod had pre-approved the plan. I'm fairly sure he did it just to get out of college, and an exam.

These days, anytime someone mentions another college, I feel slightly sore that I have to use either public transport or the college buses. I should be riding a bike, damnit! Kawasaki Boxer, to be precise. Go here for further details.

I think I'll sign out now, and mull over whether to work on my mini-project at all, and get down to studying for a test to be held later in the day..

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