Thursday 30 April 2009


Or, Google Truly Is Your Friend.

Burdened with the onerous task of moving out of my comfy, convenient Bandra (West!) digs by the end of April, I decided that I had to get a move on with all the packing. Such thoughts thus thought, I lugged out the luggage, only to reach a startling flaw in my assumptions. My giant suitcase's combination was NOT, in fact, 000.You know, the ones that look thusly:

Having exhausted all 'known' possible combinations, I came the to rather dreary conclusion that I would have to manually plod through all of 'em, 000 to 999 minus the 12-something I'd already attempted. So I fired up a playlist of some 12 episodes of Arrested Development and got to work. But when I reached 225, brainwave hits, and I consulted with the Big G. And whaddaya know? The Big G is all-knowing, all-seeing.

And all this happened 10 minutes back. Psyched me up so much I had to post!

p.s: In other, unrelated news, I believe Andy captures my current feelings perfectly:

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Sharanya said...

u moving out of Bandra-aa?? where to? and lemme know when u free to treat me...lunch/dinner wil do :D