Friday 31 October 2008


** It is possible to have a "the best fifteen minutes of my life" over and over again.

** New addiction discovered.

** Old addiction re-discovered.

** Why should Microsoft, Apple and Canonical be fighting tooth and nail to recruit LA Laker Lamar? 'cos OdomOS would be bug-free :-)

** Being without the Internet for an extended period of time is painful. Being on the verge of getting a connection for a week is moreso :-(

** The damn POTUS comes on television way too often, hence I would vote for Obama because he appears more presentable on TV. Image is everything.

** The tech world is bubbling with news about Microsoft decentness, be it Windows Media Player 12, Secondlight or the INR 15k price-tag on the Xbox 360 Core system.

** The Wii has flown out of one's list of desirables. Primarily due to price gouging by Nintendo, the lack of a decent TV comes in a distant second.

** Hooray! Wikipedia search has spelling suggestions!

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