Wednesday 20 August 2008

iMeh, redux

What's that sound? I feet a great disturbance in the iForce, as if millions of voices cried out in iLust, and were suddenly silenced.

The Nokia N96 was tipped at a price-point of 36k. I guess Nokia might peel that back a tad and make it more like 32-34k. At 16gb + features that iPhone lacks in + the non-requirement of Our Lord & Saviour Sir Steve Jobs' blessing for everything you do, should see this slick piece do a fair bit better than the iPhone.

Sadly, however, it seems likely that the type to plop down 30k+ for a cellphone might not be too sensitive to a Rs.2000 difference, and forge on ahead for the "TEH SHINY!!1" and "2 KEWL 4 U LOL!" factors..

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