Wednesday 2 May 2007

Extreme annoyance

And that would be putting it mildly.

Not getting to eat at Eden (The Besant Nagar one) the previous night was bad, but the beach air and an LMC at The Fruit Shop has unmatched healing potential. But that's where the okay-ness ends. At least till now.

Woke up too late to be able to take the bus to Navalur, which meant another ~55 kms on the bike.

Enter office to find out that the A.C's turned up pretty high. In Chennai! Goddamn! It feels like 30°C in here!

Crappy lunch.

Hutch screws around with call rates. There's another big wad of money I'm never seeing again, for no fault of mine.

Got chewed out by manager.

Weather sucks. As always, in Chennai.

Sigh...Oh XL, how I pine for thee..

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