Thursday 1 June 2006

Wonder of wonders

Goach stunned us all the other day, by throwing light on a particularly dicey problem. IN CODE! (This was enumerated here.)

As a result, I looked through the stuff, had no clue how to correct the bug, and fell back on that time-tested adage: Google is your friend. This was followed by some laborious scouring of some rather tedious (and terse) JS references, and managed to churn out another version of the random number picker thingy. (Wow, used a lot of adjectives there, dinn'I?)

Hopefully, it works now..


Nandan said...

Put more fundaes on Goach's escapades in code!! these occurences are very rare. And that link bar of yours takes links randomly? i thot had pruned ur blog list

Unknown said...

Yup random. No pruning here - right-click > view source!