Wednesday 8 February 2006

Nitpicking Gaurav some more

In Gaurav's quiz here, Q.No 17 is a connect between various songs/pieces of music, one of which is mentioned as Andy Williams' Speak Softly Love.

Technically, while Andy Williams may be the crooner, credit for the MUSIC (which was filched by Annu "chalti-hai-kya-nau-se-barah" Malik) must go to Nino Rota. Who had used the exact same piece (albeit a much faster version) in a movie called "Barbarella" "Fortunella" about 4 years before "The Godfather".

Response being made here because I really couldn't be bothered with bending myself in knots to email him.

Incidentally, Annu Malik had claimed that "Akele Hum Akele Tum" was his most original movie ever.


Gaurav said...

Point taken.

Anonymous said...

Its not Barabarella. Its a movie called Fortunella.

Thus spoke Kabbalah

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

It was rather longer than four years. The Godfather was made in 1972, Fortunella in 1958. Rota lost his Oscar nom for Best Original Score when they found out.