Friday 25 November 2005

Of controversies and verbal diarrhoea

Just got back in touch with the civilized news-channel watching world tonight. I managed to catch NDTV Turning Point, where I find out India's lost by ten wickets. I've never seen Navjot Singh Sidhu spew so much vitriol before. Blustery yes, but never ever have I seen him so angry.

I really wish I'd seen the match. I want to know if Rahul Dravid and Greg Chappell were indeed booed off the field. If they were, then I suppose one might be forgiven for concluding that the Eden Gardens curator was "out to get them".

The Eden Gardens crowd hasn't shown itself in the best light over the last ten years :/

As an aside: I'd have like to seen Greg Chappell giving the finger to the crowd.

As another aside: I feel sorry for the anchor chap on Turning Point who has to put up with Sherry's bluster. Wouldn't want to be him...

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