Friday, 2 September 2005

Oooooo aaaaaaa eeeeeeeeeeee memememememe

In case you didn't get it, that's how an opera sounds to me. And no, even if some hot babe took me to Troilus And Cressida, and tearfully explained it to me, it would still sound the same..

Anyways, point being that I finally got around to downloading Opera. The browser, i.e. Wasn't using it till now because of multiple reasons..

-> Firefox + extensions totally ROCKS.
-> It's not free, and comes with ads. Yes I know I could use a keygen or crack or whatever, but it's a brilliant product by brilliant people. Don't want to needlessly rob them of their due :)
-> I'm just soooo spoilt rotten by Adblock on Firefox...

Now that I'm using, I wouldn't say it rocks just yet, but it's amazingly fast. Quite possibly the fastest browser I've ever used, in terms of startup and page rendering. Cool interface, totally browser-migration-hassle-free.

Pages render a little funny, but I gotta say this blog looks positively STUNNING on Opera..Dunno why...


Nandan said...

Opera rocks!!!

the best and most innovative feature in any browser is the ability to turn off images on the fly.

shrik said...

IIRC, this used to be somewhere in IE 5.0...Dunno what happened to that though..

Anonymous said...

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