Monday 13 December 2004

Computer issues

While getting back from VIT, I chanced to blow a 100 bucks on the latest CHIP-India, which carried 2 CDs + a DVD filled with stuff that looked cool.

Anyways, long and short of it, when I installed Sygate Personal Firewall 6 point something, and then tried other stuff, nothing would happen. As it turned out, I thcame to the conclusion, after a lot of fiddling around, that the damned program has some sort of a memory leak which screws up my comp. So I ventured to install ZoneAlarm 5.1, and wonder of wonders! It works perfectly! Hence the change of logo in the links list...

Still on tech, I chucked my broken AVG 7, had AntiVir PE for a while, before downloading the entire 10 MB of the new AVG Free and installing that thingy. So yeah, I'm happy with my setup now. I just wish I could carry my comp wherever I go.

The last sentence above was/is a reference to my impending Mumbai trip. I hope to have a blast. Wish me luck! [And based on the +ve feedback from all of 2 people, I think I'll even put up a post detailing my daily activities, though not in explicit detail, which'll just lead to brain damage...]

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